The Masks on Grandmother’s Wall

A novel about a storyteller/maskmaker whose creations after her death still teach her granddaughters – and make them laugh. (By the way, the masks illustrating each chapter were made by me as well as the stories.)

Making History: how to remember, record, interpret and share the events of your life

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Here is a comprehensive, easy to use, fun method of exploring the times of your life against a backdrop of historic events. Take a wild gallop through recent history and ask yourself:

  • How did I make a difference?
  • What did I contribute?
  • What did I witness?
  • How can I share it with others?

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Making History book cover

Award Winner! Making History a Finalist in the 2008 National Best Books Award by, in the Non-Fiction Narrative Category!

What people say about Making History: how to remember, record, interpret and share the events of your life

“I bought my mom a copy of your book Making History and she loved it. She’s been writing a journal on and off for years, as a distraction after my dad died. Your book helped her to focus and to realize she really had a story to tell. My niece typed the manuscript and I edited and added family photos, and I put it into Microsoft Publisher and created a real book for her for her 90th birthday. She was thrilled at the idea of being a real author, and we’ve sent copies to my siblings, nieces and nephews and the resulting feedback has been such a boost to her self-confidence. She’s already planning what to put in the next book. Thanks for getting us started..”  _Geraldine Sombke, Your Vancouver fan,

Dog Park Diary

From the back cover: Meet Goody Beagle. Every day she goes to the Dog Park, where she sees her friends and finds out what’s up.  They chase balls and each other. They wrestle and play tug. They sniff butt. They enjoy being dogs.

Dog Park Diary an Award Winner! Finalist in the 2008 National Best Books Award by, in the category of Pets/Animals!

Dog Park Diary Cover
Creature Discomforts cover

Creature Discomforts: The Boogy Cats and Other Stories

Enter the strange cracked world of these enchanting short stories; a world where it is common to find a platoon of cats executing an elaborate revenge, baby alligators returning from the dead, and other discomforting glimpses into the lives of so-called ordinary creatures. These stories might stay with you a long time, like a persistent dream – or a recurring nightmare.

Childish Discoveries: The Sandwich and Other Stories

Look through innocent childish eyes in these 7 short stories, and discover that those eyes may not be so innocent after all. A sandwich turns deadly, a trampoline becomes an avenger, and the hallway coat closet harbors a secret occupant. These stories and others may make you remember your own childish discoveries in the mysterious grown-up world.

Childish Discoveries book cover
Adult Distractions book cover

Adult Distractions: Gabriel’s Bed and Other Stories

Look below the surface distractions of everyday life in these 8 short stories, and explore the truths that lie beneath, sometimes far into the past. A dead carpenter haunts his bed, a fireman’s legacy turns to ashes, and a photographer’s favorite subject becomes his cage. These stories and others might make you twitch with recognition of your own forgotten history.

Illustrated Haiku for Spirits of Magic and Mystery

This little book is the first of twenty-three small books of haiku, illustrated by me with drawings, paintings, masks, and photographs. See “In the Works” page for the other books that will be available soon.

Eating Mythos Soup: poemstories for Laura

Currently out of print