For the past 20+ years I’ve written one haiku every day. They’re not always good haiku, although some of them are excellent. (Check out my 7-book haiku series called The Haiku Book of Days.) A few years ago I added another daily practice, which I call the “daily draw.” I create some kind of image, and many times that image owes its inspiration to my daily haiku. I’m calling them “illustrated haiku” and someday the haiku and its illustration may blossom into a new haiku book. In the meantime, I’ll share a few of them here on the blog. Here’s today’s offering. Enjoy!

kneel and kiss the ground
whisper sweet nothings to dirt
roundness becomes you


One thought on “Roundness

  1. Roundness ponderings
    from my sphere of influence
    plus obtuse thinking

    If roundness is the
    state of being round, what is

    If circles are not
    “perfectly” round, we need new
    names to describe them!

    Bent wheel? Flat tire?
    Broken eggshell? What about
    just plain Ovaltine!

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