SpiritualToday my haiku is from May 13th of my book A Haiku Book of Days for Spiritual Seekers, Dreamers, and Other Lovers of Magic & Mystery, one of a 7-book series. The haiku topic for today is “Quest”:

we’re all on a Quest
find the ghosts of mystery
beg them for answers

It’s Haiku Friday again. For the past twenty years or so, it has been my practice to write one haiku every day. Every Friday I share a haiku here, about whatever topic I happen to choose. I invite you to write a haiku on this topic too, and share it with me and the readers of this blog. Just write it in the Comments below. The only rules are: 1) your haiku must be about the named topic; 2) you must follow the 5-7-5 syllable format; 3) no obscenities or hate (I will delete those). That’s it.

If you’re interested in the story of how The Haiku Book of Days series came to be, check out my previous blog post here. You can purchase this book on Amazon here.  

2 thoughts on “Quest

  1. my quest was unique
    tell about characters in
    a *playful* haiku

    show opens tonight
    so the time was quite tight to
    re-quest a haiku

    it begs the quest-ion
    craft some haiku on the fly?
    it’s well worth a try

    The quest is complete.
    Appearing in quotations
    playful citations:

    “Any Body Home
    a play by Carl Ritchie and
    Elise Dewsberry”

    “It’s almost ten and
    a condo is for sale, is
    Any Body Home?”

    “Susan Strathcona
    needs just one quick deal to gain
    a big promotion”

    “Daphne wants to sell
    but simply will not tell us
    what took place last night”

    “Prudence the neighbor
    adds exotic flavor with
    her pouch full of herbs”

    “The story’s a farce
    Danforth is an arse, but all
    his capers are real”

    “Brock the male model
    His bare torso found sheltered:
    Sex sells microwaves!”

    “Interpol Agent
    Highway still working through her
    issues, we suspect”

    “Thank you for coming
    and learning about our show
    in playful haiku”

  2. I fully expect you to produce a Broadway show in haiku one of these days … I love your creativity & your humor – “sex sells microwaves” made me chuckle

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