Haiku Friday: Spam

Here’s my haiku for today, on the topic of Spam:

ding! you’ve got email

‘cuz the Spam Wars never end

— and Spam is winning

It’s Haiku Friday again.  For the past twenty years or so, it has been my practice to write one haiku every day. Every Friday I share a haiku here, about whatever topic I happen to choose.  I invite you to write a haiku on this topic too, and share it with me and the readers of this blog.  Just write it in the Comments below. The only rules are: 1) your haiku must be about the named topic; 2) you must follow the 5-7-5 syllable format; 3) no obscenities or hate (I will delete those).  That’s it.

2 thoughts on “Haiku Friday: Spam

  1. Monty Python’s *Spam
    skit on British TV did
    birth the e-mail term

    A greasy diner
    where every menu choice
    had Spam included

    And Vikings sing ing
    “Spam Spam Spam Spam, lov-e-ly
    Spam, wonderful Spam!”

    *Spam – trade mark of the
    Hormel Foods Corporation
    in Minnesota

  2. Snort snort! I love your storytelling haiku, they almost always make me laugh. And yes, we should indeed give credit for Spam to those who invented it, Monty Python and Hormel.

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