Learn to Ghost Tier One


STEP 1 – Getting the Work. Download, read, and study this comprehensive e-book, which includes an in-depth discussion of the business of ghostwriting. Topics covered include: how to get started as a ghost; marketing your services; identifying your niche; what to charge; getting and using referrals; teaching and speaking; your competition; how to quote; ghostwriting agreements, and a lot more.

Here’s a brief excerpt from one of my teleclasses, talking to non-writers about why they should become an author. Before they hire a ghostwriter, they must want to write a book!

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STEP 2 – Doing the Work. Download, read, and study this second comprehensive e-book, which includes in-depth discussions covering topics such as: the differences between ghostwriting and writing for oneself; gathering info; research; interviewing techniques; client communication; managing your own ego; common challenges faced by ghostwriters — and how to survive them; how to write for someone else; and much more.


STEP 3A – Practicing the Work, Ghostwriting Exercise. Get some actual practice being a ghostwriter! Write essays based on three downloadable audios and their verbatim transcripts, of interviews with me and 3 interesting people about subjects dear to their hearts. You can write one, two, or three essays, then submit them for written detailed critiques. Did you “get the voice?” What other ways are there to structure and organize the essay? What questions would you ask next? What questions do you wish I’d asked? Does your essay tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end? And perhaps, what do the interviewees think of your essay? This critique will help you hone your ghostwriting skills.


STEP 4 – Discussing the Work. In addition to the written critique on your ghostwritten essays, you’ll receive up to three one-on-one 90-minute consulting/coaching sessions via telephone, to be completed within six months. We’ll discuss any ghostwriting concerns or questions you may still have on the “business side” of ghostwriting. Or we can discuss ghostwriting assignments you may be quoting on, or those you have already obtained. I may offer suggestions for interview techniques or questions you might try, or suggestions on structure and organization that may fit your topic. If you want further clarification or additional examples on the subjects covered in the e-books, we can talk about that. Or I can just offer some extra encouragement.

And more....

Wait, there’s more . . .

  • Samples of forms to use in your ghostwriting business, such as quotations and agreements covering copyright, confidentiality, etc.
  • Ten (yes 10) additional e-bookson subjects important to ghostwriters, including: Wowing Your Readers;  8 Making History Workbooks containing historical timelines and suggested interview questions covering 60 years and 8 broad topics — very useful in ghostwriting memoirs; and You Can Be An Author.
  • Links to other book professionals who can help you and your clients. No one does anything alone! These are people who I have worked with and personally vouch for as experienced, insightful, highly competent and honorable. I trust my clients to these folks.