The Many Faces of Kim Pearson

Front coverMy newest book, recently finished and soon to be published, is The Masks on Grandmother’s Wall. A short synopsis: Two granddaughters of a storyteller and mask artist arrive at their grandmother’s house after her death, to pack up her studio. While they take the masks off the walls, the granddaughters recount their remembered stories that go with the masks. In the process they discover some interesting truths about Grandma and themselves.

I too am a mask artist and storyteller. This portfolio includes sixty-four of my original masks, arranged in four groups:

  • Living Creatures
  • Mythological, Magical, and Spiritual Beings
  • Attributes
  • Animal Masks from The Masks on Grandmother’s Wall

Bonus! Each mask has its own original haiku.

Another Bonus! The masks from The Masks on Grandmothers Wall include the title of each chapter and the first line of each mask’s story.

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