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I am not only a ghostwriter – I write my own books too. Writing is who I am, way down at the base of my soul. (Yes, I know that sounds grandiose. Oh well.) It is good to know why you do what you do. Here is why I write, from my first published book, Eating Mythos Soup: poemstories for Laura.

I write because when I do I am alive. I write because without writing I live in the half light of a dull November day when everyone else is at a birthday party. I write because then I am at the party too. I play with balloons and wear colored streamers in my hair.

I write because the world smells good and the light is so bright and beauty sits like a beating pulsing bursting heart underneath my skin, and if I don’t put it down on paper I bleed from every pore.

I write because my life is important and I want everyone to know that my life began and ended and in between love flowed through me and my spirit danced with gods.

I write because every signpost I come to points me back to the writer’s path, even from the depths of the electronic jungle. I write because when I do I feel the soothing aahh begin in my own throat, and I hear it echoed from the throats of my loved ones as they see me finally coming home.

I write the little stories and the big ones, in the voices of bells and heartbeats. They are mythic journeys and frantic dances, humdrum vacations and gala celebrations. They are slow and dangerous, fast and clumsy, sweet and smooth tasting. They knock you flat when you’re not looking.

I write because if I don’t my life is ashes and lice, and a gluey film of dust lies thick over my skin. I write because it is my protection from the vast and awful fear of nothingness; because it is the narrow plank I have laid across the chasm of the Great Void.

I write other things besides poetry. I write true stories and fantasy. I write about dogs. I write memoirs and history. Check out my Books page for books available right now, and others that are in the works.

I like words, period.

You are the music while the music lasts.”
– Hildegarde of Bingen