Free Offer: Share A Story

Right now we are living through a defining moment in American history, perhaps a pivotal turning point. You are a part of this history. How are you reacting? What actions are you taking? What emotions are driving you? Your stories are powerful – both for today and for the future. Someday your grandchildren, or their grandchildren, will want to know what role you played in this historic time.

Writing your story today, while the details are fresh and your emotions strong, is one way to contribute, share, and inspire others. But many do not have the time or desire to write. Therefore I am offering to ghostwrite – FOR FREE – a personal essay in your voice about your place in this historic time.

I’ve been a ghostwriter for nearly twenty years, and this is one way I hope to make a difference.

Here’s how it works: We’ll set a time to talk on the phone. Our conversation will last about 60 to 90 minutes max. I’ll ask questions, and you get to talk. I’ll record the conversation. Then I’ll write an essay based on our conversation – in your voice, as you. I’ll then send you the essay in a Word document of approximately three to five pages.

You can do what you want with this essay – share it in a blog, post it on social media, save it for your kids or grandkids, frame it, illustrate it, turn it into a booklet with photographs, share it in a speech to your social or work groups – whatever is meaningful to you. The essay belongs solely to you.

If there are enough people doing this with me, I would like to do a compilation book or booklet, self-published at my own expense and donating any profits made on the book to worthy causes. But I will only use your story if you give me permission to do so, either using your real name or a pseudonym, your choice. If you do not want your story to be in a compilation book, I will not use it. It is up to you.

This is a limited time offer. If interested, please contact me at, and we can set a time to talk on the phone. Lead times are variable, dependent on my availability, and I will give you a lead time estimate at the time of our interview.

Kim Pearson
February 2017