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  • Would your ideas, methods, tips, or stories, make a good book? Maybe an e-book or a series of articles? How about a blog?
  • But what if you are not a writer, or don’t have time to write?
  • No problem. You can be an author, even if you’re not a writer!

* I sometimes offer developmental editing or rewriting services. Please contact me for more information.

Non-Fiction Books

If you’re in business, a book adds to your credibility immediately. It can make you an industry authority. Perhaps you have invented a new and historybetter way to build a mousetrap, and you want your prospective customers and clients to know about it. Perhaps you want to give your clients compelling reasons to seek out your product or service, and show them in depth how your services can help them.

Do you have an inspirational philosophy, an innovative approach, or a rip-roaring story? Do your friends and family, colleagues and associates, keep telling you that “you should write a book”? Maybe you should!

Whatever your passion is, don’t keep it to yourself. Books have a long and distinguished history of changing the world. Why shouldn’t yours be one of them?

I have recommended Kim as a ghostwriter and seen her take several projects from start to completion. She has been able to succeed where other ghostwriters have not and 100% of the clients are very happy with the end product. Ghostwriting is more art than science, and Kim is very good at really listening to her client’s vision of the book. Kim is also an outstanding value for the time it takes to write a book. Great quality, really nice person to work with, overall great value.”
-Jan. B. King,

I have ghostwritten business books, medical books, financial books, spiritual books, and more, for non-writers who are now authors enjoying the credibility and respect they deserve.

Memoirs and Family Histories

If your life has taught you wisdom, share it with others! Perhaps you have discovered some secrets of success to learning, loving or living. Perhaps you want to preserve the life story of someone extraordinary or inspirational.

Your life is important! Telling and preserving your stories is important. Our stories connect us to each other, to the future, and to the past. What you have done matters.

Your stories are about connection. They are the future historian’s primary sources. You have participated in, and contributed to, history.

Your stories are about wisdom. It is the natural role of the Elder to pass down what they have learned to the next generation. This can be your most valuable legacy.

Your stories are about inspiration. Stories have the power to literally change the course of someone’s life, if they are told.

Your stories are about healing. The process of memoir leads inevitably to understanding, and from understanding comes forgiveness, a prime component of healing.

When we pass from this earth, our stories go with us. We make wills to ensure that our possessions are passed on to our loved ones. But possessions are just things. Stories are alive. And they stay that way forever.

We’re getting all sorts of great letters about Johnnie’s book from friends and family. Everyone loves it – it makes them feel really good to read it. A lot of people are telling us that they are reading the book two or three times!”
-Jodi Jessen, The Jessen Music Foundation

Ghostwriting Process

There’s a reason we are called GHOSTwriters. While I am writing for you, I haunt your mind and heart. (Don’t worry, it’s painless, and I only ghosthaunt you with your permission.) When I write AS you, in as close to your voice as possible, I am creating a relationship FOR you with your readers. Therefore it is imperative that we share some commonality of mind. We both need to answer these questions: Do I share your vision? Am I excited about the project? Do I have some knowledge about your topic, or if not, am I willing to learn?

Ghosts are also invisible to others. This means the relationship between author and ghostwriter is a confidential one. I have ghostwritten more than 40 non-fiction books and memoirs, which tell the stories of a wide variety of people and cover a broad range of topics, from saxophones to finance, city histories to hypnotherapy, psychic horses to constipation, and many points in between.

Because of confidentiality agreements, I cannot share all their names here, but I am happy to provide you with a list of references upon request.

The ghostwriting process is unique to each project, and can vary depending on your needs. However, here is a brief “how it works” overview:

Before we decide to work together, I offer a free 30-45 minute consultation to discuss your project, ask and answer questions, and “feel each other out.” Then I will give you, in writing, an individual, customized quotation.

After we decide to work together, we will sign an agreement, detailing who does what and assuring that the credit and profits from your book or article belong to YOU.

You’ll lend me anything that will help me “get inside your head”, which may include applicable marketing materials, research you may have collected, jottings on napkins or notes from your diary, journal entries, letters, proposed outlines, any audio or video recordings that may apply, teacher or speaker notes, and so on.

I’ll do some research to prepare questions, and then I’ll conduct and record interviews with you, as many as necessary. These interviews are usually done over the phone, and each lasts between 90 minutes to 2 hours. They can also be done in person, if possible.

I have the recorded interviews transcribed, and then read through all the accumulated source materials – your written materials and the transcripts – and develop a tentative structure and outline, which I’ll run by you for your feedback. I’ll also write the first chapter (or a partial) and send it to you for feedback, to make sure I have got your “voice.”

I’ll focus the topic, identify “holes,” and create titles, sub-titles, and so on. Then I’ll write the book for you, using color, detail, mood, characterization, drama, humor, or whatever is necessary to present the material in the most compelling way.

I’ll provide a first rough draft for you to approve or change, as well as “checkpoints” along the way, to make sure I’m continuing down the right path. You can be as involved as you want to be.

Then I’ll rewrite and finalize the book or article and – you are an author!

See the Rates page to give you a general idea of what ghostwriting may cost you. Then call or email for a free 30 – 45 minute consultation on your project, so that I can give you an individual quote customized to your needs.

Other Ghosts

Sometimes my availability is long, or you might like to check out other ghostwriters. Here are some excellent writers and ghostwriters that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Nicole Eva Fraser:
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Why does anybody tell a story? It does indeed have something to do with faith; faith that the universe has meaning, that our little human lives are not irrelevant, that what we choose to say or do matters, matters cosmically.”
– Madeleine L’Engle