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Upcoming Events:

Freeing the Creator – Dates to Be Announced

A four week class from Kim Pearson, Author and Ghostwriter and Gwen Delmore, Mixed Media Artist

We all know how to write, right? After all, we learned how in first grade. And we all have our own sense of color and beauty too, right? But some of us may have forgotten how much fun writing and art can be.

Creative play does not have to stop after first grade. In this class you learn to write and create art from your heart and take an exhilarating journey through your deepest dreams and desires. Excavate the passion, beauty and meaning that live within you. Discover and claim your authentic self. Give your Inner Creator LIFE!

Through a variety of exercises and techniques, this class helps participants access, explore and share beliefs beneath beliefs. They learn to by-pass internal editors and critics and find the poetry and beauty within themselves.

Each of the four 2-hour classes consists of introductions to new techniques, many choices of in-class writing and art exercises, voluntary sharing, and non-critical feedback. Participants will take home a notebook filled with vignettes, poetry, sketches, paintings, and collages created in class. All materials provided.

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Stay tuned! Dates and locations to be announced soon!


Book me as a Speaker or Workshop Facilitator

I am available to do workshops, or presentations for your organization or groups. Along with Writing as a Spiritual Practice, you might consider my other popular class, Making History. Both classes may be structured as series classes (4, 6, or 8 classes), half day, full day, or weekend workshops. For more information or to schedule, please contact me.

Making History
Explore the relationship between big history and your individual life. History is not a dry recital of dates and places: history is stories. This workshop shows you an easy, fun, and no pressure way to:

  • Discover your place in history
  • Remember the stories of your time
  • Hear inspiring, tragic, humorous real stories from others
  • Wow your audience with great stories of your own

I will lead you on a wild gallop through the decades from 1930 to 1989, exploring how you made a difference, what you contributed, what you witnessed, and how you can share your stories with others. We will discuss a variety of topics, such as Economics & Politics; Social issues such as race, gender and morality; War and the International Scene; Crime & Disaster; Arts and Entertainment; Lifestyle Activities such as food, fashion, toys, games and sports; and the Weird and Trivial such as scandals and gossip, pets, the paranormal, and slang. Handouts include detailed timelines, suggested writing topics, even a notebook to record your memory vignettes.

Kim’s classes opened a new world for me to enjoy, and her encouragement offered me the freedom to try.”
_Joan Z.