Alex Terrgi here. The other day I went to the dog park with my friend Jackie MuttMix. At least she’s usually my friend – when we’re at my house or her house we play a lot. Rough-house is what our humans call it, cuz we bite each others’ necks and stuff like that. But it’s all in good fun no matter how much we growl. If humans would learn our language maybe they’d know that.

But I digress. (Big word for a mere dog, right? See, we learn your language.) Back to me and Jackie at the dog park. It was a sunny day, so there were lots of dogs of all sizes and colors at the park. The minute we arrived, my “friend” Jackie forgot she was my friend and went off to play with a lab named Tucker. She ignored me completely and I was stuck playing with Dribble Schnauzer (his name tells you everything you need to know about him.)

So much for friends.

The Grateful Dog

elk-and-alexAlex Terrgi here. A couple of days ago it was a holiday called Thanksgiving. It consists of a lot of food, which is the best part. But also my human’s family tradition is for everyone to say what they are thankful for. They think this is just for humans, but I think I should join in too. So here is my annual “I am thankful for” list:

I am thankful for:

  • my human, naturally, for her kindness and generosity and love
  • my human’s lap and her bed, which are both soft and warm
  • my human’s granddaughters and grandson – E who is 11, D who is 8, and J who is 5. I get to see them a lot
  • my human’s granddog Jackie Muttmix, who is my best friend even though she’s rambunctious
  • my full food dish
  • the smell of cooking
  • my dog-walker lady who takes me on walks through my neighborhood
  • my neighbor dog, a Scotch Terrier named Wallace
  • the dog park that Jackie and I go to at least once a week
  • the elk who poops in the dog park, so I can roll in it and smell great
  • my full water dish
  • my big red chair in our living room
  • my brown chair in my human’s office
  • my human’s green chair which I snooze on when she’s not looking
  • my squeaky toys, especially when they still have their squeakies

Wow. I have a great life! No wonder I am thankful.

Lipstick Drama

jackie-lipstickAlex Terrgi here. My best friend Jackie Muttmix lives with my human’s daughter and her family. That’s why I get to see Jackie so often. This is great for me, because Jackie is full of interesting ideas and likes to explore things she knows nothing about.

My human thinks Jackie is funny and likes to tell stories about her. But I think she would think Jackie is less funny if we had to live with her. A good example of Jackie being “funny” happened a couple of weeks ago.

My human’s granddaughter had a friend over for a sleepover. Jackie wanted to hang out with them in the bedroom, but she was too rambunctious so the girls kicked her out and shut the door in her face. Jackie was upset so she went into the bathroom next door to sulk. But then she saw there was some new stuff in the bathroom garbage, so she stuck her nose in it and found an interesting tube-like thing, which she bit in half even though it was hard. It was soft on the inside though, so she rubbed it all over her face and tongue. The girls heard her making noise so they came out to see what was happening. “Mom!” shrieked my human’s granddaughter. “Jackie ate lipstick!” She and her friend were laughing so hard they cried. Of course the grownups were not as amused.

But Jackie was happy too. After the humans tried to clean her up, they let her into the bedroom with the girls so she wouldn’t get into any more trouble. Of course this did not work, because as soon as they stopped paying attention to her, Jackie started rummaging through the friend’s backpack and found her toothbrush. Which she chewed into little bits.

See what I mean about Jackie being funny and not-so-funny at the same time? I love Jackie, but I’m kinda glad she doesn’t live with us. Too much drama too often.