The Rub and Roll

Alex Terrgi here. My life is pretty good. Sometimes it’s so good I have to do a rub and roll on the rug. So I go to the living room where there is a cushy rug that smells like a happy dog, and I roll around on it until there is even more happiness rubbed into it.

Although my human doesn’t seem to see the happiness – all she sees is hair. I feel so sorry for humans sometimes.


Ghostwriting for a Dog: Happiness is a Kid of Your Own

waggy AlexAlex Terrgi here.  I am a party dog. I like people. I like other dogs. I even like cats sometimes. The best times are when there are lots of people and dogs in my house, and I can play with them.

My favorites are kids, those small humans who I can boss around and who are just my size so I can lick their faces, and everything they do is fun and exciting.

And now some of my best dreams have come true! I have a little human of my very own. Well, almost. My human’s granddaughter (and her mom and dad) are staying with us in our house, because she (and her mom and dad) have moved to the city where we live. My new little girl is SO BEAUTIFUL and SO FUN and SO NICE TO ME!

My human says she will not be here always, that it is temporary, but I don’t understand words like “temporary.” She is here NOW. My human says I shouldn’t get attached, but pooh on that. Attachment is what I do.

Oh, right now my tail is wagging with happy. And right now is all that matters.