Full Moon

It’s Haiku Friday. For the past 20+ years I’ve written one haiku every day. They’re not always good haiku, although some of them are excellent. (Check out my 7-book haiku series called The Haiku Book of Days.) A few years ago I added another daily practice, which I call the “daily draw.” I create some kind of image, and many times that image owes its inspiration to my daily haiku. I’m calling them “illustrated haiku” and someday the haiku and its illustration may blossom into a new haiku book. In the meantime, I’ll share a few of them here on the blog. Here’s today’s offering. Enjoy!

under the full moon
trees and fairies tiptoe dance
partners in magic

Compost: What I Want to Write

I want to write about the underpinnings of life – the dark and secret yearnings of children and the humor of insects. I want to write about what I don’t know is true, and what I suspect is lies. I want to write about lies turning into truth if you believe them when you say them.

I know I want to write because I feel a pressure right underneath my breastbone. It is this tiny winged being with ballerina slippers and a golden crown and filmy soft white wings. She’s a fairy of course, which doesn’t sound like an uncomfortable thing to have living in your chest, but you would be wrong to think so. Her soft wings tickle the inside of my ribs but because they are inside I can’t scratch, so the tickling just goes on and on. Her golden crown has sharp pointy spires which poke into my liver and kidneys and esophagus or whatever else is in there, and I bleed from the inside. And those cute little ballerina slippers of hers – well inside those soft as butter slippers are tiny toes of steel, and when she stands en pointe those toes dig deep into my heart, making dents as deep as canyons, into which the blood and trapped dreams pour, and pool until they’re stagnant.


Even if I try to stop up my ears I hear her telling me in her high shivery voice like a doll’s tea kettle: “You know what you want to write about, now go ahead and write it.”