Compost: Change is Good

Changes are often scary, but they can also be a good thing. The rapid changes in publishing over the last few years have been a good thing for me, a ghostwriter. Print-on-demand books, e-books and e-readers, the rapid growth and acceptance of self-publishing, social media marketing – these have enabled more wanna-be authors to get their ideas and stories out into the world.

Why is this good for a ghost? Because what hasn’t changed is that writing itself is still time-consuming, difficult, sometimes infuriating, and requires practice, practice, practice to do it well. Just because it is now easier and cheaper to get your ideas and stories published, doesn’t mean they will be well-received if they’re not compelling to readers. In fact, because there are more books out there means the competition for readers’ attention is even stiffer.

Yes, it’s a good time to be a ghost.

Haiku Friday: Change

It’s Haiku Friday again. For the past twenty years or so, it has been my practice to write one haiku every day. Every Friday I share a haiku here, about whatever topic I happen to choose. I invite you to write a haiku on this topic too, and share it with me and the readers of this blog. Just write it in the Comments below. The only rules are: 1) your haiku must be about the named topic; 2) you must follow the 5-7-5 syllable format; 3) no obscenities or hate (I will delete those). That’s it.

At the end of each month I’ll gather up the haikus in the “Haiku Comments” that meet the criteria and pick one at random in a drawing, and send the winner of the drawing one of my e-books: your choice of “Haiku for the Seasons I”, or “Haiku for the Seasons II.”

Today’s topic is “CHANGE” Here is my haiku:

for five billion years
the earth’s been remodeling
and its not done yet

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