Best Birthday Prez Ever

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday. My present from my eldest granddaughter was a card she made herself. She knows about my various artistic practices such as writing a daily haiku and doing a daily drawing. (See my blog post from May 29th, titled Practice)

So for my birthday card she wrote two haiku of her own and two daily draws. Both haiku and one of the draws are about me! (The other draw reflects her dislike of getting up in the morning.)

Here they are. I hope you will agree with me that my granddaughter is talented, interesting, and totally loveable.



Compost: Time for a Day Off

birthday cakeMay 19th is my birthday. I’ve always been glad my birthday is in the bloomiest part of the spring, and I usually try to take this day off work to celebrate. Therefore no blog post today! Blogging is work, you know; it takes time to come up with ideas to blog about, it takes time to write those ideas down, and time to edit them, and – well you get the picture. I love my work, but my life is bigger than that, and my birthday reminds me of this fact. Birthdays also remind us of time passing, and it seems to pass faster the more birthdays you have. How many more chances I’ll have to celebrate my birthday, I don’t know, so I’m not passing any of them up.

Off to do something bloomy.