Alex Terrgi here. The other day I went to the dog park with my friend Jackie MuttMix. At least she’s usually my friend – when we’re at my house or her house we play a lot. Rough-house is what our humans call it, cuz we bite each others’ necks and stuff like that. But it’s all in good fun no matter how much we growl. If humans would learn our language maybe they’d know that.

But I digress. (Big word for a mere dog, right? See, we learn your language.) Back to me and Jackie at the dog park. It was a sunny day, so there were lots of dogs of all sizes and colors at the park. The minute we arrived, my “friend” Jackie forgot she was my friend and went off to play with a lab named Tucker. She ignored me completely and I was stuck playing with Dribble Schnauzer (his name tells you everything you need to know about him.)

So much for friends.

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