Haiku Friday: Worms

haiku pic 1Here’s my haiku for today, on the topic of Worms:

don’t open that can
unless you’re ready for worms
to turn into snakes

It’s Haiku Friday again. For the past twenty years or so, it has been my practice to write one haiku every day. Every Friday I share a haiku here, about whatever topic I happen to choose. I invite you to write a haiku on this topic too, and share it with me and the readers of this blog. Just write it in the Comments below. The only rules are: 1) your haiku must be about the named topic; 2) you must follow the 5-7-5 syllable format; 3) no obscenities or hate (I will delete those). That’s it.

Plus! Next month my new book series titled The Haiku Book of Days will be released! Seven books of 366 haiku each, each book showcasing a different theme. More later …

One thought on “Haiku Friday: Worms

  1. The common earthworm:
    lumbricus terrestrius
    (Can worms speak Latin?)

    Each acre of soil
    has fifty-seven thousand!
    (Can worms “number off”?)

    So who counted them?
    And in how many acres?
    (Can worms see lot lines?)

    Worms get the last laugh.
    We end up in their domain.
    (Can worms really laugh?)

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