Ghostwriting for a Dog: My Friend Nutmeg

NutmegAlex Terrgi here. Last time I was here I blogged about my new little human girl who is living in my house. Well guess what? It gets even better, because she comes with her two dogs, Nutmeg and Rocky. Rocky is really really old and can’t see or hear much anymore, so I just leave him alone to dream about being young again. But Nutmeg is fun to play with, almost as good as my now-dead sister Goody Beagle. Nutmeg likes to run, just like me, and she likes to play chase and tug-of-war, and she hoards rubber balls and makes me try to figure out where she hid them.

Nutmeg is a lot bigger than me (her last name is Pitbull) but I am not scared of her because she is a softie inside. And believe it or not, she is scared of floor that does not have carpet on it! What a funny thing to be scared of – I like the floor because I can hear my toenails click and it lets my human know that I’m around. So anyway Nutmeg is not perfect, which I like because neither am I. That just makes us more lovable, right?

I was sad for a long time after Goody went away, but things are looking up.

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