Goody Beagle says: Beagle Yoga

My human does yoga. She sits on the floor and stretches and twists her body. She does one pose called “downward dog” but trust me, she looks nothing like a dog. She does another one called “the cat” and she does look a little like The Cat – but I don’t like The Cat, so this is nothing special.

Then she lies down on the floor and closes her eyes. Sometimes she breathes out in a hum that she calls the “bee breath” but she doesn’t sound like a bee to me. Then she gets real real quiet and just lies there. This is called “the corpse” but who’s she kidding? I know what death smells like, and she’s not dead.

Sometimes I sit on the floor by my human while she does this yoga stuff, but I don’t do it myself. I don’t need to. I’m always in a meditative state naturally.

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