Compost – Writing is Brave

Writing is an act of bravery. That’s because no matter what we write about, it exposes our inner self to the outside world. And the outside world is not always kind and supportive. Sometimes the outside world is indifferent to our tender feelings, or even actively cruel.

Get used to it. One way to do this is to share – in an email or letter, or an article in your newsletter, or a blog post – some totally meaningless, trivial, dumb stuff you wrote in your journal – or as Julia Cameron’s The Artists’ Way calls them, morning pages.

To show that that I am brave, that is what I’ll do right now. (But please don’t be cruel!)

“I just got my new fountain pen. Now I have 2 of them, and I feel so rich because they cost $25 apiece, and I could have got a lot of roller balls for that amount. Oh my god I have to write more blog posts and my mind is totally blank. Last night in bed I had a good idea for a blog post, and now it’s gone, what the hell was it? Something quite profound, I know. For at least 20 years this has been happening to me, and for 20 years I keep saying I’ll keep paper and pen at my bedside, and for 20 years I haven’t done it (except a few times, but it’s never lasted long.)”

Aren’t I brave?

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