Compost: People Who Can’t Write Well

We all think we can write, or we should be able to. After all, we learned how in first grade. A big part of what makes us “civilized” is our ability to write.

But not everyone is talented at writing. I’m not talking about writing clearly enough to communicate some semblance of your thoughts. Most people can manage to do that.

But words are so much more. The written word can change the world – it has a long and distinguished history of doing just that. Words cause emotion, and emotion is what moves people to action. Writing that sings – compelling, moving, dramatic– is often an inborn talent, or an one acquired through lots of time and hard work. Not everyone is born with this talent, or has the time or desire to acquire it.

We can’t be everything. There are plenty of writers who bore the pants off people when they try to give speeches. Writers who can’t hit a home run to save their soul. Writers who can’t draw a stick figure that people could recognize as such. Writers who haven’t the first clue how to sell something. Writers whose thumbs are black, not green, and who kill every plant they try to grow. But boy can they write! We are all different. We have different talents and have learned to use different tools.

It is okay not to write well. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have a job.

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