Tip: Write some garbage today!

Did you know even Shakespeare wrote garbage? Yep, it's true. Sometimes boring, whiny, confusing, silly, self-indulgent crap came from the ink-stained fingers of the Bard himself. He didn't publish his garbage, but I promise you he wrote some.

That's because great writing and garbage go together. Writing is an organic process, and beautiful writing often arises out of your mind's debris. The French have a saying: "You can't grow roses without merde."

What does this mean for you, the writer? It means don't edit as you write. Go ahead and let your mind and your fingers roam over the paper or the keyboard as they will. Yes, some of it will be crap. That's okay — you are making compost, that rich brown crumbly nourishing stuff that may smell ripe at first but that will enable you to produce flowers of enormous beauty.

That's what this blog, Thoughts from the Compost, is all about. I'm simply sharing some of my harvest. Not all of it will be scented golden roses or exotic birds-of-paradise. Some of it may be humble daisies, or even dandelions. But I hope you enjoy the bouquets.