About Me

Kim Pearson, AuthorMy mission is to help people tell and preserve their unique and valuable stories – including my own. My talents and experiences have contributed to my making this mission a reality.

I am a freelance writer, the author of eight books and many articles and blogs. My blog From the compost shares my musings about the joys and pains of the writing and ghosting life. I have been a ghostwriter for over 15 years, ghostwriting over 40 books and ebooks —memoirs, business and financial books, self-help books, spiritual books, medical books, and more—for individuals, families or businesses, telling the stories of a wide variety of people and covering a broad range of topics, from saxophones to finance, city histories to hypnotherapy, psychic horses to constipation, and many points in between. I am a skilled interviewer, able to elicit color, drama, depth and detail that make your stories come alive on the page.

My educational background includes degrees in English Literature and history, and I’ve spent years in historical research of my own, both because it is necessary as background for my writing, and because I love the subject.

My passion for stroies started early

I teach classes that help people to find their authentic voices, realize their inner wisdom, and discover their place in history. My online course “Learn to Ghost” teaches other writers the fine art of ghostwriting.

I recommend the following fine organizations, many of which I have held memberships or am a contributor:

MLTAOGhostwritersIconAssociation of Ghostwriters


Issaquah Historical Society

National Association of Memoir Writers

National Storytelling Network

Pacific Northwest Writers Association

Pacific Northwest Historians Guild

Seattle Storytellers Guild

Story Circle Network

the blog The Blood Red Pencil

 “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”
– Henry David Thoreau