Q: What is an author?

A: An author is a person with authority.

Kim Pearson of Primary Sources is the author of 8 books and counting, and a ghostwriter of over 40 more. My ghostwriting services could help you become the author of books, pamphlets, ebooks, memoirs/family histories, blogs, articles, manuals, and anything with words.

  • Ghostwriting: You can be an author, even if you don’t write one word! As a ghostwriter, I do all the writing work for you, from organization and structure to color and detail — basically from your head and out my fingers. But because the ideas and stories are yours, so is the credit. Books, blogs, articles, e-books — You are the author!
  • Classes: I offer a menu of writing classes, including my exciting online program Learn to Ghost. If you are a writer wanting to become a ghostwriter and wondering how to do it, check it out.
  • Books: My own books are about storytelling in its many wonderful forms. Eating Mythos Soup: poemstories for Laura is a novel about a story-eater offering redemption through story. Making History: how to remember, record, interpret and share the events of your life is award-winning non-fiction that offers a powerful method of discovering how your personal stories contribute to history. Dog Park Diary: the social round of Goody Beagle is an award-winning look, in funny words and photos, at the world through a dog’s eyes. Childish Discoveries, Adult Distractions, and Creature Discomforts are three short-story collections of the weird and wondrous. And coming soon, The Masks on Grandmother’s Wall, a novel about a storyteller/maskmaker whose creations teach us who we are, and The Haiku Books of Days, a 7-book series of haiku poetry. And more.

The written word is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Everyone has ideas and stories to share. Let me help you put yours in writing. Become an authority.

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.”
– Federico Fellini